Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I'm waiting for a delivery for 2 bedside lamps I ordered 2 days ago. Nothing special but will be so much nicer then having to read with the lights in the ceiling on. Will also receive a pair of bedside tables on Saturday so getting more and more sorted here in London.
Really do wanna go to Ikea but Robs not to keen on it and quite frankly he's the one who's paying so probably wont go before I get a job.
Talking about jobs. I've had lots of people calling me the last couple days after they have found my CV on Monster and Reed, not so many good jobs but had a good one today so hoping to get invited for an interview.
Looking to might take a part time job until I find a proper job. Maybe part time nanny although you do need quite a lot of paper work to get it started. Ah well I will look in to it anyway.
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