Sunday, 14 October 2012


Let me tell you about a little place called Ping.
Ping is a restaurant & bar with Ping Pong tables (hence the name). It has a small menu mainly consisting of pizzas however it's not your ordinary margarita on the menu. No no here you find pizzas such as The Queen (guessing it's named after me), Pick-Me-Up, Volcano and more (priced at a decent £7.70 each). They have a nice cocktail menu and great super friendly staff.
I had the Pick-Me-Up pizza and it came with pancetta, egg and crushed black pepper. It was a lot better then it sounds. Try it!
The other ones had the Volcano  pizza which came with spicy sausages which what I heard was tasty.
I drank rose wine to start with but after a glass I swiftly moved on to cocktails.
I had an amazing alcoholic mango slush puppie, it was G.O.O.D.
I love mango (and slush puppies)!
After a bit of food we went on to the Ping Pong tables, think we had an hour of playing as it was so busy. Probably better to go during the week to get some more play time if that is what you are after. It was good fun anyway but I was terrible at it, ha ha.
I would definitely go back but as I said during the week and not on a weekend. It was a bit too loud and too crowded for my liking probably would have been great on a crazy girls night out or if you go out in a big group.
I do however highly recommend a visit to this funky place but do make sure to book a table if you are eating there.
Details to be found on their website

Ping Porn, oh how I wish I wasn't allergic to nuts

Chandler Ping, this made me giggle

The "Pings"

Me & Divina

B.e.s.t E.V.E.R mango slush puppie

The Volcano

Pick-Me-Up (and eat me)


The good "Pingers"

The not so good "Pingers"

Home time
Any questions on that guys?

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