Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Ok so let's do this, first post here we go !

Not sure wether I should start with some kind of introduction I guess it would be rude not to so I will do a short one.

My name is Sofie (surprise surprise!). I'm a 23 year old Swedish girl who moved to London from Spain about 5 weeks ago. I'm currently job huntig whilst pretending to dislike not to have a job (as a matter of fact it's pretty awesome). I do however force myself to visit the gym once in a while and well spend most of my days sending out job applications and drooling over dresses at Net-a-porter (this is really what makes me sending out those damn applications, I need dresses and s.h.o.e.s which quite frankly one cannot afford without a job).
In this blog I will write about life in London and all that comes with it. Successes and failures, shopping, wining and dining and more.
This will be it for now but rest assured I will be back shortly ;)
x x x

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