Friday, 28 June 2013


To my best friend & sister. Love you!

Looking absolutely flippin gorgeous on her big day!
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Midsummer feast

Saturday last week me and Rob celebrated mini midsummer. I cooked up a storm with some traditional Swedish midsummer foods and some less traditional. It was all delicious.

It's raining in London and I'm just about to get going to work. 

Have a nice Friday !

x x x

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Friday, 21 June 2013


Glad midsommar / Happy midsummer to all of you!

Hope you have a fantastic day and eat lots of strawberries!

I'm working so wont be celebrating this year either. Doing mini midsummer with Rob tomorrow tho. 

Photos from midsummer 2009 when I was celebrating with Sanna, Emma & Jessica and I was working in Terra Blues. Good times ;)

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Monday, 17 June 2013

SuperSet challenge

I'm taking part in this weeks challenge at

Time to go that extra mile. Summers is here!

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bountyrutor / Bounty squares

Yesterday it was my turn to take care of the "Fredagsfika" at work (basically means we are eating some kind of cake and drinking tea/coffee at 3pm). As I didn't start working before 2pm I decided to bake a lil something. It was the first time I made it but definitely not the last.

Here I present to you the bounty squares. Oh so unhealthy but oh so delicious. Nom nom!

Swedish: Igår var det min tur att ta hand om fredagsfikan på jobbet. Eftersom jag int började jobba förrän kl 14 hade jag bestämt mig för att baka. Det var första gången jag bakade just dessa men absolut inte sista.

Jag vill introducera er för bountytrutor. Så onyttiga men åh så goda. Nom nom!

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Queens Club Gardens

This is what it looked like on Saturday. Today unfortunately it's been rather grey. 
When I was flicking through the channels on the telly earlier today, I came across BBC who were showing the tennis tournament being played about 10 meters from my front door. The tournament is Aegon Championship for any one who's interested in tennis. Was a bit funny to see it on telly when it's right outside my front door ;)

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bulgur salad with mango

Whilst Rob is away sailing with Toby and Maria I'm left to my own devices. This means mainly working and working out. Not very exciting I'm afraid. 
Having just moved I've been rather busy trying to sort our room out. I had British Heart Foundation to come around and collect 3 big bags of clothes and I've thrown away 2 bags of clutter. Feels pretty damn good I must say *patting myself on the shoulder* ;)
Anyway moving on to what made me write this post.
*Drum roll* bulgur salad with mango, surprise surprise! It was so much more than that tho and it was utterly delicious. I'm so happy I made enough to last for at least tomorrow's dinner as well. Hurrah!
What you need for one 2 portions - 
1 mango
1 lime
1 tomato
1/2 red onion
 1/2 red chilli 
 Sea salt & pepper
Balsamic vinegar  
Feta cheese
As usual this is just guide lines. If you love spicy food add more chilli, if you like it a bit 
 sweet add more mango and so on..
Boil your bulgur. Chop up mango, tomato, red onion, chilli, coriander. Mix together in a big bowl. Squeeze your lime over the salad and add a dash of balsamic vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Mix it with your bulgur (make sure the bulgur is not to hot).
I served mine with a fillet of salmon and topped it with feta cheese. Although I'm pretty sure it will taste amazing with BBQ meat/chicken/sausages (lamb sausages for me next time)



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Monday, 3 June 2013


Tomorrow we are moving to a new flat. Exciting ! It's in West Kensington really close to Baron's Court. The development is called Queens Club Gardens and is absolutely brilliant. There's a massive garden with tennis courts for residents of QCG only and just behind they have the warm-up tennis tournament before Wimbledon. Not to shabby ;)

Almost finished packing will do the rest tomorrow. Got a man and van coming to collect our stuff at 2pm. I'll promise to take some photos to show you in the next few days.

x x x

Swedish: Imorgon flyttar vi till en ny lya. Spännande! Den ligger i West Kensington väldigt nära Baron's Court Station i ett komplex som heter Queens Club Gardens. Tillhörande komplexet är en jättestor trädgård som bara folk som bor där har tillgång till. I trädgården finns ett par stycken tennisbanor.

Precis bakom håller dom även varje år uppvärmningsmatcher i tennis inför Wimbledon. Inte illa alls måste jag säga ;)

Är nästintill färdigpackade bara lite småsaker kvar till imorgon. Kl 14 kommer flyttbilen och hämtar våra grejer. Lovar att ta lite bilder på nya bostaden och visa er dom närmaste dagarna.


Photo from Sweden a few weeks ago

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Sunday, 2 June 2013


A few weeks me and Rob went to Vinopolis. 
We got a voucher for it from Dave & Michelle for Christmas and finally we had time to use it. 
It was brilliant! 

We had a Wine Tasting Experience which meant that we first had a guy teaching us about wine.After that we had a card topped up with tokans to try the different wines ourselves and there was also tapas included in our experience.
Obviously I'm a wine expert now. 

Jokes aside it was actually very interesting and we tried some very tasty wines. Happy times ;)

Vinopolis is massive and every wine got it's own area where you can take a little test to find out what type of wine will suit you the best. In the white wine section I was "Rounded and Ripe" and in the red section I actually cannot remember what I was (last wine section to visit for us as you might have already figured out). 

They also had an area for spirits. As this was the very last bit we passed and as I did have a few tokans left we decided to try absinth. I had about one sip and gave the rest to Rob. It was not for me, haha. 

Enough babbling here are some photos instead. 

x x x

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Sunny Sunday

Gotta love London when the sun is shining!

Oh and we are looking at a room in our favorite development today. Queens Club Gardens, fingers crossed please!

Have a lovely Sunday !

x x x
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