Monday, 3 March 2014

Sofie's saving super tip - Cheapest way of transferring money ever!!

Found an awesome site a while back that I want to share with you. Living in Gibraltar and Spain with a bank account and family in Sweden means I'm always transferring money between countries and currencies. The bank charges are outrageous! Barclays charge £25 to transfer £100 to my Swedish account, sorry too expensive. 

 I found this great site Transferwise. They charge almost nothing to send money, normally 1 to 4 pounds for my transfers so far (ranging from £100 to £1500).
If you use my link here (<-- click click) your first transfer is free. If 3 people sign up and transfer money by clicking on my link, I get paid £50, which will go towards a stunning kimono ;) The service is great I really cannot recommend it enough. From transferring £3690 I have saved £211 which is to be honest pretty damn brilliant! Who wouldn't rather spend that money on something else, I know I would!

This is the kimono I'm going to get. Click on the photo to check it out :)

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