Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tom Kha Gai

I'll do this in swedish since I only had swedes asking for the recipe. If anyone else want's it I can translate it for you :)
Mumsigaste soppan ever!
Receptet är för 2 personer men jag brukar bara höfta lite så ha detta mer som riktlinjer och gå efter egen smak när ni lagar.
300 g kyckling filé
1 röd chilli
3 citrongräs
Ca 3 cm ingefära (ta efter egen smak)
5 limeblad
1 msk fisksås
400 ml kokosmjölk (1 burk)
100-150 g färska champinjoner
Ca 10 körsbärstomater
1 gul lök
1/2 kruka färsk koriander
Olja (valfri sort att bryna kycklingen i)
Börja med att skiva upp kycklingen i tunna, fyrkantiga skivor. Dela kärna ur och strimla chilin. Krossa roten på citrongräset och skär det i 2 cm bitar.
Stek kyckling, chilli och citrongräs i olja. Tillsätt ingefära, fisksås, limeblad och kokosmjölk.
Häll över i kastrull och låt det koka sakta i ungefär 10 minuter.
Lägg i champinjoner,lök och tomaterna. Låt koka i ytterliggare 5 minuter.
Grovhacka koriander och servera soppan i skålar och strö över massvis med koriander.


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 The last couple of days I've had porridge for breakfast. Just a little pot of goodness with either apple or blueberries and some milk and cinnamon. Today I added a bit of coconut to it as well. I'm absolutely addicted to coconut at the moment. Water, pieces of "fresh" coconut, coconut milk, name it I crave it!
Yesterday I decided it would be fun to show you what I normally eat in one day (of course it varies but you can kind of get an idea) so I took a photo of each meal and snack so here we go:
For breakfast I had porridge with apple and skimmed milk (was supposed to add cinnamon as well but completely forgot), a slice of Irish soda bread and turkey and a cup of green tea
A couple of hours or so after breakfast I had a banana (ok I admit I did steal this one of google)
For lunch I had  a crayfish, avocado and lettuce no bread sandwich from Pret A Manger. I added a boiled egg as it's quite small and not very filling otherwise.
Around 1 1/2 hour before I headed to the gym I had little snack. 3 rice cakes with almond butter, turkey and apple slices. Delicious!
For dinner I made chicken stirfry with chili, ginger and garlic and for "dessert" we had some pineapple (I haven't got any photo of the pineapple but you all know what it looks like)
I even managed to take a photo of myself using the self timer. It's the first time and well I do need some practise.. and perhaps make-up next time ;)
As a few people wanted the Tom Kha Gai recipe I will post it later today now I have to start getting ready as I have been selected for first stage interview for a job. Basically it means I will be doing lots of tests. Wish me luck!
x x x

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yummie in my tummy

Woke up before 8am this morning.. Seem as both me and Rob are having some sleeping problems since we came back from Thailand (apart from first night back) I guess we are bit jetlegged or something. Anyway the sun is shining so shouldn't really complain :)

I'm off the Planet Organic to buy almond butter and rice cakes heard so much good about almond butter so I just have to try it. Since I'm allergic to peanuts it's a great alternative to peanut butter and a good source of protein too!

Last night I made Tom Kha Gai soup for dinner. It was the first time I tried after I got completely addicted to it in Thailand and I must say it was very very tasty, yay!

If anyone want's the recipe let me know and I will post it. It's really easy to make!

x x x

 Big one for Rob little one for me, hehe
 Lots of coriander. I love!
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Time to hit the gym and work those muscles, hehe. Did shoulders and chest yesterday so today I will work legs, bum and tum. 

x x x

Sorry for bad quality photos but webcam doesn't work so well it seems

At least I look quite tanned, hehe ;) 

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Is something we haven't got in London today... I do however got some photos left to show from sunny Laem Mae Phim :) Enjoy!
x x x

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Got my second interview for job today. Wish me luck!
x x x

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Monday, 28 January 2013


Hi all!

Been up since 8am after a lovely long sleep. Think I fell asleep just before 9pm last night was very tired after all that travelling. Been food shopping, packing up and done loads of washing only got gym left but will go there later on this evening. 

Anyhow I promised I would tell you about Bangkok so here we go!

Bangkok was hot and crowded just as I expected. 
It also had GREAT shopping and cool bars and restaurants.

The shopping was so much better than I expected but didn't buy very much since I didn't have much time. Me and mum went to Siam Square which is the trendy part of Bangkok and here you will see lots of fashionable boys and girls taking photos for their blogs.
Around Siam Square there are a few different shopping centres and they have a range of different shops and due to the low VAT everything is a lot cheaper than the UK. Great huh?

As I mentioned we didn't have much time for shopping but I got myself THE eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. Not only was it cheaper than here but they also had 15% discount in the shop that day so I got it for less than £13, yay :) Rob got himself a pair of converse shoes from the newly opened Converse shop. I think he paid a bit less than £30 so much cheaper than here. I kinda regret I didn't get a pair as well.. Typical! 
In the "nicer" shopping centres you wont find any copies but out on the street and in MBK centre you will find plenty of "Mulberry" bags and "Mac" make-up which is all fake. 

Me and mum also did some shopping in the small stalls around Siam Square and they sell so much nice clothes and jewellery I do regret not getting more stuff. Next time for sure!

Oh god this post got very long, ooopsie ;) Photo time!

x x x

 When we arrived in Bangkok we had lunch at El Gaucho. I had goats cheese salad the rest had burger which according to my mum was the best burger she ever had
 Found a phone box in Terminal 21 on the London floor.
 Cool bar in the middle of Bangkok
 Happy ;)
 Crazy traffic!
 Fish spa!

 It was so nice after a hours of walking around in the heat
 The road outside our hotel was very busy with bars and restaurants and in the evening you could see these VW buses turned in to bars parked along the street

 Grande Palace
 Elephant roundabout outside the palace

 Lunch by the river
 Inside one of the shopping centres in Siam
 Had a delicious mango smoothie here
 Magnum Cafe in Siam, didn't go but will do next time

 Last dinner before our flight....
 Thanks for a GREAT GREAT GREAT trip mum & dad <3
 Thumbs up and big smiles for the holiday

Later on I will post the photos from our last days in Mae Phim. Take me back...

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hello London

Arrived in London earlier this afternoon after been flying for many many hours. Very tired so sorry for bad blogging.. Tomorrow I will update with lots of photos from our last days in Mae Phim and from Bangkok (which was soo much better than expected).
Will tell you all about it tomorrow.
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Life on the beach

I love it here! I love the sun, sea and the beach. Life's fantastic!

Let me show you what I'm talking about

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