Thursday, 31 January 2013


 The last couple of days I've had porridge for breakfast. Just a little pot of goodness with either apple or blueberries and some milk and cinnamon. Today I added a bit of coconut to it as well. I'm absolutely addicted to coconut at the moment. Water, pieces of "fresh" coconut, coconut milk, name it I crave it!
Yesterday I decided it would be fun to show you what I normally eat in one day (of course it varies but you can kind of get an idea) so I took a photo of each meal and snack so here we go:
For breakfast I had porridge with apple and skimmed milk (was supposed to add cinnamon as well but completely forgot), a slice of Irish soda bread and turkey and a cup of green tea
A couple of hours or so after breakfast I had a banana (ok I admit I did steal this one of google)
For lunch I had  a crayfish, avocado and lettuce no bread sandwich from Pret A Manger. I added a boiled egg as it's quite small and not very filling otherwise.
Around 1 1/2 hour before I headed to the gym I had little snack. 3 rice cakes with almond butter, turkey and apple slices. Delicious!
For dinner I made chicken stirfry with chili, ginger and garlic and for "dessert" we had some pineapple (I haven't got any photo of the pineapple but you all know what it looks like)
I even managed to take a photo of myself using the self timer. It's the first time and well I do need some practise.. and perhaps make-up next time ;)
As a few people wanted the Tom Kha Gai recipe I will post it later today now I have to start getting ready as I have been selected for first stage interview for a job. Basically it means I will be doing lots of tests. Wish me luck!
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