Sunday, 2 June 2013


A few weeks me and Rob went to Vinopolis. 
We got a voucher for it from Dave & Michelle for Christmas and finally we had time to use it. 
It was brilliant! 

We had a Wine Tasting Experience which meant that we first had a guy teaching us about wine.After that we had a card topped up with tokans to try the different wines ourselves and there was also tapas included in our experience.
Obviously I'm a wine expert now. 

Jokes aside it was actually very interesting and we tried some very tasty wines. Happy times ;)

Vinopolis is massive and every wine got it's own area where you can take a little test to find out what type of wine will suit you the best. In the white wine section I was "Rounded and Ripe" and in the red section I actually cannot remember what I was (last wine section to visit for us as you might have already figured out). 

They also had an area for spirits. As this was the very last bit we passed and as I did have a few tokans left we decided to try absinth. I had about one sip and gave the rest to Rob. It was not for me, haha. 

Enough babbling here are some photos instead. 

x x x

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