Monday, 8 October 2012


Unfortunately not the fun kind of shopping :( Did a massive order from Tesco on line and will get it all delivered tomorrow between 9 and 11am. So easy to get it delivered right to your door step.
Tonight's dinner was therefore not very exciting but surprisingly tasty. Had a bowl of innocent soup. The one with the vegetables on top that needs a bit of steaming in the micro own, it was good and I was absolutely starving after my workout.
Did body attack but it was a different instructor to last week and I must say I prefer the one I had tonight. She really got us all moving! Legs were so shaky when I left the gym, ha ha. Still haven't seen Robbie Williams inte gym (Rob saw him first he was there) I've now started thinking it was all a lie just to make me go to the gym ;)
Rob's just got home so will socialise for a bit.
x x x
Working out Gib was a bit different, usually doing gym a few times a week as well as walking up "The Rock"

Horse riding in Tarifa, my favourite way to work out. Have to go horse riding very very soon.

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