Friday, 5 October 2012


Got woken up by a phone call at 7.23 this morning. It was dad . . I didn't pick up. He did however leave a voice message saying that he was just on his way to the food shop and wanted to check if there was anything special me or Rob wanted. Isn't he sweet? He had probably forgotten that we are 1 hour behind them (still even 8.30 would have been too early but it was for a good cause so wont get mad at him).
I'm stuck in the house today waiting for Williams christening gift to get delivered, I do really hope it gets here in time!! I did pay £6 extra to get next day delivery (ordered on Wednesday afternoon) so surely it should be here quite early today.
I also need to pack for the weekend. Going with hand luggage only which will (knowing me) probably be a bit of a disaster. Haven't even decided on what dress I will wear in the church on Sunday. I think it will be one from BCBG Max Azria as it is the most church friendly dress I own, ha ha.
Got myself a bit stressed with this post so I'm off.
x x x
Me and William <3
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