Saturday, 13 October 2012

Meet the parents

Robs parents came up from Southend today so just got back in. Had lunch next door in The Bridge House (I had a lovely goats cheese, spinach and sunblushed tomato risotto) and after that we went to The Waterway for some drinks. Well I didn't drink any alcoholic beverages I did however have a hot chocolate, yum!
Have had a lovely afternoon!
Didn't take any photos tho, bad bad blogger :( Promise I will make up for it tonight!
Finally going to Ping, been wanting to go there ever since we moved London. Well excited!! I will tell you all about it tomorrow, not to worry.
I've got loads of new readers.Welcome and where did you all come from?
Also I promised a couple of days ago I would make post how to comment, actually I noticed I had the settings wrong and it's now super easy to make comments so bring it on!
Basically if you do not have a google account just select either anonymous or name/url make your comment and press publish. Simples ;)
x x x
The Bridge House Pub. We live 2 doors down from here

The Waterway
Photos borrowed from and google images

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