Friday, 5 October 2012

Breathe in Breathe out

Oh my what a day so far. This delivery turned out to be a distaster. The courier delivered the parcel to another flat as no one was answering the door here (I've been in all day and had my phone next to me, hmm strange). I ran down to the flat to collect but no one was at home. Panic !!! After what feels like 100 e-mails with the company whom I ordered the gift from I finally got the parcel. Wasn't thanks to them tho.
I went to the flat where it was supposed to be 3 times before I decided to put a note on their door they just phoned me and said they left the parcel to the flat right below so had to go there and collect it. What a trek!
The gift is lovely tho so I'm very happy now and to be honest customer service woman was very good to offering a refund in case I wouldn't get hold of the parcel before I left.
Just need to put it in my suitcase now so I don't forget it ;)
 x x x
Me? No no no never would I be impatient ;) Oooops

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