Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tuna salad

Done with my swimming, was lots of people swimming today almost drowned in the waves, he he. Did 40 lenghts and after that I had a long shower.
Just eat a tuna salad, it was delicious. Tuna in a can really isn't bad at all. Had it with avocado, sweet corn and cucumber. Nom!
Have to go and buy some bits and bobs for work tonight so better get going.
x x x
Swedish; Klar med simmningen, var massor med folk i poolen idag trodde nästan jag skulle drunkna i vågorna, haha. Simmade iaf 40 längder och efter tog jag en lång dusch.
Åt precis tonfisk sallad, super god. Är inget fel alls på tonfisk i burk. Hade i en avocado, majs & gurka. Mums!
Nu måste jag iväg igen & köpa lite grejer att ha med till jobbet ikväll.
P.S Received the stuff I ordered for halloween, can give you a sneak peek later on ;)

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