Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Last Saturday we went to a very quirky and quite new restaurant in London.
Evans & Peel Detective Agency
The name will surely indicate that this is not just any ordinary restaurant and well it's safe to say it wasn't.
We had a table booked for 8pm and the entrance of the restaurant is just a normal door with a little text saying that it is the detective agency (can be a bit tricky to find). We knocked on the door (you dont just make your way in, big NO NO) and waited for someone to open. The guy who opened the door looked as if he was taken straight out of the 1920's. He asked for our booking, shut the door and came back a couple of minutes later and we were allowed to enter. As we came down the stairs we came in to the "reception" as you probably understand by now this wasn't an ordinary "reception" it basically looked like it was taken straight out of a Sherlock Holmes movie and we were asked what our crime was.. Que ? Crime? Luckily one in our group had prepared a story how we had been working in a soup kitchen all day long and by the end of the day someone had stolen all our money so we were looking for food (and drinks of course).
To our relief our crime was "approved" and we were allowed in and we were taken to our table.
The restaurant was very dark and our seats were old cinema seats (they were quite itchy after a couple of hours, I recommend anyone who's going not to wear a dress or skirt).
They had an extensive cocktail/drink menu and we started off with a bottle of rose prosecco. To be complelety honest the service was not the greatest and we were all very thirsty when we finally received our drinks.
The food menu was small, there was a selection of sliders (small burgers) and a few other dishes. We had pulled pork slider, rib meat slider, wedges, baby back rib and mac n cheese. I really enjoyed the food but the dishes were very small which does make sense as most dishes cost only £4-5 each. I would say most people eat 2-3 dishes, if you're hungry take 4.
We finished off the dinner with some cocktails. I had a mojito, it came in a pint glass and was very nice!
I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there for the service, all the staff were really friendly they were however quite unorganised and waiting for a beer for over 30 mins is not great. They had also run out of some of the stuff we wanted to order and we were a fairly early table.
If you want to experience something very different and fancy a trip back in time, if you enjoy eating sliders and drink cocktails this is the place for you!
They are located on Earls Court Road and you can find their website via following link,
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