Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy Cinnamon Roll Day

As I mentioned briefly last night today is Swedish Cinnamon Roll day. It's something I will definitely celebrate by eating loads of them! Can't be bothered baking as it does take quite a long time and as I'm off to Sweden tomorrow anyway I can just pop in to a bakery and buy instead.
If anyone got time on their hand I do recommend to bake them and eat them warm with a glass of ice cold milk on the side. Proper Swedish style!
It's amazingly tasty!
Found out last night that I got an interview today, not even sure for what positions as I've applied for so many jobs, ha ha. We'll see tho, might be something very good and definitely makes it a bit more exciting when you're not even sure what job it is ;)
After interview I will go either to a Swedish shop or cafe to get some cinnamon rolls.
Would anyone be interested in me posting a recipe on how to make cinnamon rolls?

Oh how good do they look?
x x x

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