Tuesday, 16 October 2012

O to the M to the G

Photo shoot went really well, will get the photos on Friday or Monday so will show them here then.
Just been confirmed to 4 events which of 1 is a film premiere after party! How cool is that?
I will be a hostess and also circulating with canapes and offering drinks to VIP guests. Not sure if I can write what film it is for but it's for one of the biggest ones this year. The party will be held in Tate Modern so I'm sure it will a pretty awesome event.
Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be hostessing in Grosvenor House Hotel which is a luxury hotel here in London. On Friday I'm hostessing on a event in St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.
It's funny how life changes in one day isn't it. I'm well excited about what's to come and I will share as much I can with all of you of course!
Have to go and buy a dress, hair donut and tights for tomorrows event.
x x x

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