Monday, 8 October 2012

The weekend

Sorry for my absence but spending time with the family as more important than blogging ;)
The weekend was great and the christening was marvellous. I'm a godmother now, yay!
On Saturday night we had dinner with my parents, mum made cod and it was SO tasty (as always). After dinner we played yatzy and I won 2 out of 3 times. Champ!
Sunday was D day. Woke up early to get ready for church. ended up looking like I was going out clubbing so had to put a jacket on and ended up looking a bit more godmother like. The church bit was quick and easy. Nathan was soo cute running around handing out bibles to everyone, he also christened himself by putting loads of the "holy" water on to his head after the vicar had done it to him. Aaaw.
I held William, he cried for a bit but most of the time he was a very good boy indeed.
After the church we went to a house owned by the church they got christened in and had food and cake. It was lovely to see my relatives and friends and as usual we promised each other that It wouldn't be as long until next time. Come to London guys!!!
Last  night my parents took us out for dinner. Had a steak, it was delicious. Perfect end to a fantastic weekend!
Was actually sunny in Sweden today and well it's not very sunny in London but still glad to be back. Got lots of things happening this week, fun times ahead!
Speak later!
x x x

Rob & William

 William is just adorable

Zeb aka "The King"
Nathan looking very handsome

Godfather with his godson

The cake

My cousins daughter Molly

Sanna, Marcus, Mum and Nathan are opening gifts

Photo from another vist but I like it.
Me, mum, William & Nathan

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