Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I've been very productive today. Finally got things done I've been meaning to do for weeks.
Decided to take a walk to High Street Kensington to get some bits & bobs for the flat. Passed a really nice shopping centre on the way there,"Whiteleys" in Queensway. This is also were the Lounge Cinema is  located which I'm planning on visiting very soon.
In the shopping centre they got a nice selection of shops and it's no more then 10-15 minutes walk from our flat. Dangerous ;)
Bought a little "cup" in Muji for my make-up brushes, they get so disgusting from being in the make-up bag. Also popped in to a really nice shop which sold some amazing clothes, found a gorgeous jacket from Maison Scotch that I want so badly . . Was a bit pricey though. How comes I always find a million nice things when I really cannot do any shopping?
Counting down the days to my birthday, he he he.
On the way to High Street Kensington I popped in to a Sweaty Betty shop. They have the nicest workout wear. I could spend some serious money in there, trust me ;)
Controlled myself and ended up only buying a pink water bottle for the gym.
Back home now, just had some lunch (innocent soup and a cheese sandwich). God that soup is addictive, it really is so nice!
x x x
How cool are these chairs ?

Guess what Rob's getting for xmas this year ?

I do need to practise this posing business

Cup from Muji (£1,50) Water bottle from Sweaty Betty (£4)

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