Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy bee

Oh my what a day! My feet are tired. Got home like half an hour ago have been to the shopping street from hell, Oxford Street.
Been to EVERY shop trying to find a knee lenght dress which suits me.
Knee lenght dresses aren't very flattering on miniature people.
As expected.
Started off with the cheap chains, they were awful and none of them seem to make clothes in size 6.
As I was about to give up I walked in to Zara and found 1,2,3 FAB dresses. Score ;)
Bought one only but will be back for more as I got 5 events coming up within a week.
Also need to get a pair of low black heels but I will sort that out another day.
Big Bang Theory is on now, love Sheldon!!!
x x x

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