Wednesday, 3 October 2012


On Sunday my nephews Nathan and William are going to get christened. Me and Rob are lucky enough to have been selected as Godparents to William (think we were selected for our ability to me kick ass gifts).
Anyhow, I just spoke to my sister and they had a meeting with the priest today and as I'm not christened I'm not allowed to officialy be Williams godmother.. What nonsense!
It's not a big deal really as it only means I wont be noted as a godmother in the "church books". I will still be his godmother as far as I and everyone else (apart from God) are concerned.
Apparently the priest suggested the godparents would sing a group song, hahaha. It will NOT happen which Sanna was kind enough to make clear to him.
On to a new subject - interview went very well. I really want this job! Won't write anything more about.
Just had a delicious crayfish & rocketsalad sandwhich from Pret A Manger, had half an avocado as well and big cup of hot chocolate. Lovely!
Got no more plans from today apart from ordering a christening gift for William and going to gym.. This really isn't a very stressful life ;)
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