Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grosvenor House Hotel

I survived the evening! My feet barely didn't tho, ouch!
Was good fun as well. I was working with another Lola girl who was lovely.
I was greeting and pointing people in the right direction. Not brain surgery exactly ;)
I will work there tomorrow as well, looking forward to it.
I'm really very tired now so I will shut the pinky prawn down and socialise with Rob for a bit (for the ones who doesn't know "Pinky Prawn" is my laptops name, as you can probably guess it's pink!)
As promised I got a photo of the outfit as well.
I'll  be back tomorrow with some great posts so stay tuned!
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Night Night
x x x
Pardon that face but the damn tube was hot! Oh and the hair wsasn't sticking out like that either earlier

I was kinda falling over to the side.
Next time we do shots PRIOR to event and not after me thinks ;)

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