Thursday, 4 October 2012

Body Step

Yoga was cancelled so ended up doing body step instead. Exhausting! My poor legs were already aching from yesterdays class and well God knows how they will feel tomorrow.
Ah well that's the price one have to pay to eat cinnamon rolls.
The rolls were AMAZING. I had 2 and they were massive, could easily have had another 2 (or 4) but didn't buy so many just because I know myself too well ;)
Off to Sweden tomorrow evening, very much looking forward to it. Can't wait to have big cuddle with Nathan and William. I wonder how many times I'll be dancing to Move It (the song from Madagascar).. I'm guessing many as Nathan loves it!
Cleaning lady was here before so flat is now super clean, finally.!Living with 3 guys makes it quite messy, although it's not as bad as I thought it would be.
Going to close the computer down now and read for a bit.
Night Night everyone!
x x x
Sorry for the horrendous picture. Rob caught me in action. Hairwashing day tomorrow.

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