Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I'm quite bored today so I'm thinking about walking to Harrods. Does look like it might start raining though and don't fancy getting soaked.
I was supposed to meet up with a guy for a pr/hostess part time job but decided to cancel as it seemed a bit dodgy . . Rob checked it out and the company got no website or nothing which does seem strange also they don't have any offices so thanks but no thanks.
It's a bit hard to determine what companies are serious and trustworthy for me as I tend to believe what people say. Luckily I got Rob to do research before I go off wasting my time like I did last week (even then he told me to just leave but I decide not to, stupid).
Thought I might as well make the best of the situation and having had  my make-up done and hair styled I decided to have a little photo session in front of the web cam ;) Haven't done that since I was about 15 I think but hey it's kinda fun, he he.
x x x

Just sitting here on the floor casually, lol

Want this bag so badly, might go and stroke it in Harrods

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