Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Planet Organic

Found the most amazing food shop ever when I was out and about before. Planet Organic on Westbourne Grove. They have everything there! bBunce balls, pukka tea, spirulina, agave syrup, flax seed etc etc. Heaven! Could spend a fortune in there, he he.
Bought bounce balls (protein balls), bread, tea and a little drink.
I will return shortly and buy lots and lots of stuff in there, excited!
Having a snack now as it's soon time to go to work. Need to be at Tate Modern at 6.45 so will probably leave here in half an hour as I'm not sure I will find my way there.
x x x
Swedish; Hittade den mest fantastiska mat affären någonsin när jag var ute på vift innan. Planet Organic. Dom har ALLT där, bounce balls (protein bollar), pukka thé, spirulina, flaxseed osv osv. Himmel riket! Kunde nog spendera en smärre förmögenhet därinne, hihi.
Köpte bara bounce balls, bröd, thé & en liten dricka.
Ska dit snart igen & köpa massor med grejer!
Äter lite nu, ska strax till jobbet. Måste vara på Tate Modern 6.45 så får nog gå hemifrån en timma innan dess eftersom jag inte vet exakt vart jag ska.
Loved this one!

Fantastic shop

My purchases

Sneak peak of halloween outfit ;)

Little bit of food, that bread was lush

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