Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas photo bomb !

I'm back in London, yay! Off to the gym in a short moment, very much looking forward to it after all that eating over christmas.
Did get so many lovely gifts feeling very spoilt indeed. Will take some photos and show later on today. In the meantime there will be a photo bomb with photos from the last 5 days or so. Enjoy ;)
x x x
Swedish; Jag är tillbaks i London, yay! Ska strax iväg till gymmet, ser väldigt mycket fram emot det efter allt ätande över jul.
Fått så många fina presenter, känner mig väldigt bortskämd och lyckligt lottad. Ska ta kort och visa er ikväll under tiden blir det en fotobomb från dom senaste 5 dagarna eller så. Hoppas ni gillar't ;)
2 of my favourite boys

Me and the best nephews ever

Rob's first plate of christmas food (out of 4!)

Sis <3

William The King

Godfather & Godson

Santa is coming! The dogs ready to attack, hehe

Ho ho ho Sann(t)a



Dad and Nathan sorting out Nathans new car

Zeb & William

Many many gifts

Super happy after winning 1000 kr x 2 on my Triss! Hurray!

Mum and William
Christmas day in Southend. Here's Santa!

Cathy and Rob sleeping ?

Dave Vs Michelle in the after eight game. Michelle was kicking ass!!

Final Round. After eights are being put in place (forehead)

And we got a winner!!

It didn't stop the rest though, hehe

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