Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Toyshop Bar

On Friday I went to the Toyshop bar in Putney with my London Swedes. It was a really great night with massive sharing cocktails such as Ralph the Robot and King of my castle and lots and lots of prosecco. Some of the others moved on to Clapham around 1.30 but me and Rob decided it was to go home for us. I was ever so happy for taking that decision when I woke up yesterday morning, he he.

In the Toyshop bar you can either have small dishes to share or you can order their BBQ for minimum 2 persons or their picnic basket which you also need to be minimum 2 persons for.

Most of us decided to just order a couple or a few small dishes each. I went for the goat's cheese lolly pops and the pan fried lemon sole and chunky chips. Both were really good but I particularly enjoyed the fish. The dished were £6 and £7 each.

I would definitely recommend it as it's such a cool place with some wicked sharing cocktails. "King of my castle" was the best one, really tasty!

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