Monday, 22 April 2013

Verru & Bodo's Schloss

Time to show you the photos from Rob's birthday celebrations last week. Photos from Verru and Bodo's Schloss. Two brilliant places I will definitely go back to!

I'm going to the gym shortly before I start work at 2 pm for my 6th and last shift, finally. 

Have a lovely day everyone!

x x x

Starting with dinner at Verru on Thursday:

 Birthday card
 Birthday gift for the boy

 Birthday boy!

 Amazing starter. Scallops and chicken, nom.
 Rob's starter, dorset crab

 My main - Halibut, squid and toasted buckwheat. Yum!
 Rob had lamb for his main.
 Best dessert I ever tasted! Elderflower cheesecake. To die for!
 Amazing white strawberry mousse with strawberries. Yummie!

Friday night at Bodo's Schloss:

 Got a wash and blow dry in Soho. Loved it!
 Sausages !! hehe

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